Sunday 22 February 2015

The official BBC view?

There's a very interesting article in the Mail on Sunday by the BBC's official historian, Jean Seaton, concerning Mrs Thatcher's feelings towards the BBC. 

In Professor Seaton's account, Mrs Thatcher regarded the corporation as "vulgar, leftist and treacherous", especially disliking its coverage of the Falklands War and the IRA. (As did many others).

The curious thing about the article is that it paints Margaret Thatcher as being wholly unreasonable and wrong in her criticisms of the BBC whilst portraying the BBC as being almost entirely innocent of the charges against it. It's a very black-and-white picture, and makes the Iron Lady sound dangerously authoritarian in her attitude towards the splendidly impartial, democratic BBC.

Is it an accurate reading of what went on and of what Mrs Thatcher actually thought? Or is it little more than a hatchet-job on Mrs Thatcher from the BBC's official historian? 

Please read it for yourself and decide.

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