Saturday 21 February 2015

Oh, please!

DB at Biased BBC recently got himself involved in a Twitter exchange between BBC News at Six and News at Ten journalist Julia Macfarlane and BBC Newshour’s Nigel Henry Doran. 

DB concludes that Nigel "is not your typical BBC journo". Julia on the other hand...
Julia Macfarlane ‏@juliamacfarlane  Feb 20
Shamima Begum 15, Kadiza Sultana 16, and unnamed 15yo (Bethnal Green Academy) flew to Turkey during half-term break …
Nigel Henry Doran ‏@Nigello  Feb 20
@juliamacfarlane Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Julia Macfarlane ‏@juliamacfarlane  Feb 20
@Nigello Bit harsh..! Clearly these poor girls taken advantage of. And made appallingly stupid decision...hopefully they will live to learn
Nigel Henry Doran ‏@Nigello  Feb 20
@juliamacfarlane Oh, please! They'll know what IS is:  "people" who glory in death and horror. I have no sympathy for psychotic fundies.
DB ‏@4d2b  Feb 20
@Nigello @juliamacfarlane Well said Nigel.

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