Sunday 22 February 2015

Ring of 'peace'

The BBC has been announcing that Norwegian Muslims are forming a human shield to protect synagogues in Norway. I can’t see anything about it at the BBC online, but it’s been in news bulletins. Here’s how the Independent reports it:
Hundreds of Norwegian Muslims have formed a human shield around a Synagogue in the country’s capital as a symbol of solidarity with the city’s Jewish community.Over 1,000 Muslims chanted “No to anti-Semitism, no to Islamophobia” as they formed what they called a “ring of peace” around the Jewish place of worship.

"I don't care that Muslims are standing in front of a synagogue."

One of my favourite articles by Marc Goldberg. It expresses my feelings exactly. Especially this: 

It’s this European need to pretend everything’s fine which has led to the narrative we see all around us. It is why you’ll hear a great deal about Lassanna Bathily who is being honoured with French citizenship for his role in hiding Jews during the attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris than about the heroism of Yoav Hattab. He was killed attacking a terrorist who had already murdered four people. In this context it is Bathily who is turned into a hero whereas Hattab is merely consigned to a couple of news reports and a grave in Jerusalem.Hattab, the son of the Chief Rabbi of Tunisia, didn’t fit a European narrative that would rather see a Muslim praised as a hero for locking Jews in the fridge and running away, than a Jew who attacked an armed Muslim terrorist and was killed in the process. The former narrative promotes a myth of coexistence allowing politicians to deflect calls to tackle the Islamic extremism they have allowed to flourish on their watch. The latter might, heaven forbid, see Jews encouraged to fight for themselves rather than remain at the mercy of the soldiers on their doorsteps and the government in Parliament.When European politicians are happy to put armed guards in front of Jewish targets but refuse to tackle the issue of radical Islam, or even to name it we know that things won’t change. In this Europe the Jews will remain weak and defenceless, in need of help from a state that will show how wonderful it is by providing armed guards and words of condemnation against anti-Semitism. But Jews only need armed guards because of the failure of Europe to deal with its Jew problem, or perhaps its Muslim problem. We only need words of condemnation and soldiers outside our communal buildings because leaders throughout Europe lack the courage needed to take on the problem of Jew hatred that’s festering, like it always has, in their society.

This morning this popped into my inbox:

Arfan Bhatti. Norway. Wants to introduce Sharia law.

So don’t let’s get a false impression that everything’s fine in Scandanavistan.


  1. The news brief opening the Marr show said it as a group of "a thousand people, predominately Muslim and Jews". Yet here's an eyewitness account which begs to differ:

    So innermost the synagogue with 50 or so Jews, then this semicircle of 20 or so muslims, then the barriers and guards and police, then a mostly Norwegian crowd.

    So did the BBC tell a lie deliberately, or did they merely report what they'd heard, and didn't bother to ask or look to closely at their own footage in case it wasn't what they wanted to believe?

    Oh, and apparently the organizer has given a speech about why it's right to hate Jews. The BBC forget to report that as well.

  2. The usual equivalence dogma. This will be about (a) getting Islamophobia accepted as the equivalent of Anti-Semitism and (b) sending a message about who controls the streets.


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