Sunday 22 February 2015

Big Question

I saw David Vance on The Big Questions this morning. It took me by surprise as I didn’t know he was going to be there. Strangely, he doesn’t seem to have pre-warned Biased-BBC readers, and stranger still, no-one at Biased-BBC seems to have noticed.

These days Biased BBC is almost exclusively manned by Alan. New open threads are posted only when David Vance remembers to post them, and these days the number of comments sometimes reaches about 400 before he does so, which gives the blog a neglected air.

David Vance is a very determined character with strong views. He’s a supporter of Israel, which I applaud, but his views are pretty old fashioned and reactionary, which I don’t. 

While I was not a fan of the direction in which he steered the Biased-BBC blog I have to admire his ability to think on his feet on live TV and radio. I could never do that. Very few people can.

There was one part of TBQ where Dilly Hussain said something outrageous about Israel and during the ruckus Nicki Campbell indicated that he intended to give Vancey the chance to ‘come back’. Unfortunately, in the fog of the chaos into which TBQ is apt to descend, this didn’t happen. Dilly Hussain got away with something he really shouldn’t have. 

David Vance has the ability to stand firm, not to appear rattled, and to stick to his guns when all around are losing their heads. It would be nice to see more of him in political discussions on the BBC, but then he might have to relinquish his proprietorship of the Biased-BBC blog.

I hope Craig has more to say on this.

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