Saturday 14 February 2015


We've tracked for several years the fact that Palestinian extremist Abdel Bari Atwan has been the Dateline London's most-invited panelist by some margin

Well, it may be a new year but nothing seems to have changed. We may be only seven editions into 2015 but Bari has already appeared on three of them - more than anyone else. (Michael Goldfarb, Greg Katz and Thomas Kielinger have each appeared twice). 

No Israeli guests have appeared yet in 2015.

Intervention (rude)  by Sue

As the Memri video on the Asbo thread is playing up or has expired, I’m treating you to the YouTube version to remind you of what a treasure ‘arry Batwan (TM) must be to the BBC.


  1. Wot! Surely not “the only thing that unites us (the Arabs) is our hatred of Israel” Abdel Bari Atwan?

  2. One man's extremist is another Beeboid's heroic freedom fighter.

    Useful Goldfarb again, eh?

  3. I remember from the time of the Al Queda attacks. He used to love coming on BBC and telling us about AQ's aims and how they were aiming to humiliate the US through a series of devastating attacks.

    I know it can't be the case but at times it sounded like he was enjoying himself.

    PS Captcha ain't working properly.

  4. David,

    Michael Goldfarb has become pretty much established as the BBC's go-to man for a U.S. perspective on pretty much everything.

    Jon Sopel could be made redundant soon.

    Anonymous at 18.28,

    He is rarely a pleasure to watch. (Make that never).

    Thanks for warning us about Captcha (which I've now looked up on Google). What's going wrong with it? It looks OK from where I am, but we've had problem after problem with comments - and barely been aware of them until people have pointed them out.


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