Sunday 22 February 2015

"Fears Grow For Paris Bound Chelsea Supporters"

Alan at Biased BBC has a heart-tugging report on the fears for three missing London boys believed to be heading to Paris. Here's how it begins: 
Relatives of the three missing London boys believed to be heading to Paris have pleaded for them to come home.
The boys travelled to Paris on Tuesday. It is feared they may be planning to join Front National extremists in Paris.
One of the boy’s family said they understood he wanted to help those suffering attacks from Islamist fanatics in Paris but said Paris was “a dangerous place”.
The family said they were “feeling completely distressed”.
The three London boys who all supported Chelsea Football Club, travelled to Paris by train on Tuesday after telling their parents they were going out for the day to watch Chelsea play in the Champions League.
Football managers from clubs across the country have issued a statement pleading with the boys to come home.
Supporters at the  London club were asked to come forward if they had any information to help the boys return home safely.
A Club spokesman said the trio, who have been described as “straight-A students”, had been manipulated, possibly influenced by the heightened atmosphere around the subject of immigration during the run up to the election, much of it possibly due to the dangerous attitudes promulgated by Nigel Farage and UKIP.
A brilliant, very funny piece of satire from Alan which needs reading in full.

And it makes a serious point too: One group of three gets plenty of empathy and understanding from the BBC (despite going to support a terrorist group which is slaughtering people and has declared war on us); another group of three gets no empathy or understanding whatsoever (for the lesser misdeed of shoving someone and hurling racist abuse). 


  1. Is the link correct? I just get "This web page is not available".

    Has it been removed?

    Cheers -
    Hector Plasm

  2. Sorry - scrap that.

    I just found it.


  3. :) (as they say these days!)

  4. Another BBC piece has appeared that can be given the same Alan treatment.

    The father of one of three London boys believed to be heading to Paris has pleaded for his son to come home, saying his family "can't stop crying".

    The three Chelsea supporters travelled to Paris on Tuesday and it is feared they plan to join the French National Front.

    One of the boys' fathers, Nigel, said there had been "no sign" his son was thinking of leaving.

    In a message to him, he said: "Please think twice. Don't go to Paris.".

    The three supporters, who all attended Chelsea Football Club, flew from Gatwick to France after telling their mates they were going out for the day.

    It is not clear whether the London boys - all "star GCSE pupils" - have crossed from England into France.

    Police said they had been interviewed after another man from their club who went to Paris in December, but nothing had indicated they were at risk.

    One of the father said his son had not spoken about France or politics with his family and said: "There was no sign to suspect him at all."

    In a direct appeal to his son, he said: "Remember how we love you. Your sister and brother cannot stop crying."

  5. Isn`t it funny that the black bloke in Paris is not seen to be "apparently showing", "purporting to show" or "allegedly being seen to"...or all the usual caveats that the BBC throw up with every ISIS atrocity, every mugging, beheading or burning?
    No-this is out and out Jim Crow racism-on a par with Harper Lee, MLK, Rosa Parks...even worse if you like!
    Meanwhile-all that ISIS unpleasantness with Coptic Christians and foaming Tibers?...well photoshop remains an option, as long as the BBC persist in their Copenhagen Syndrome.

  6. Let me explain:

    The Chelsea fans were a group of ADULTS abusing an innocent man

    the three asian girls are CHILDREN who appear to have been groomed.

    Your obsession about bias is taking you into some very strange places.

    Slow down, stop and think.

  7. It's satire. Doesn't mean the satirist approves of racists any more than Jonathan Swift approved of eating babies (look it up on Google if you don't know it).

    The point is we were subjected to about 7 minutes of sympo-propaganda on BBC News last night. Would the BBC have devoted the same amount of time if three white girls had run off to joint some extreme white supremacist outpost in the USA or elsewhere? And would they have been as sympathetic to their "plight".

    Also, I compltely reject the "exclusively groomed online" narrative. These young women will have been told about Sharia law, about Jihad, about Martyrs, about Islam's mission to dominate the whole planet down the Mosque or at home. That is why they are such fertile ground for the IS groomers. The BBC is lying to the public by not focussing on their home and religious background in London.


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