Thursday 26 February 2015

'Ows about that then?

It almost seems inappropriate to point this out...and if it is inappropriate then please feel free to say so (as I'm sure you will)...

...but the BBC's home editor Mark Easton has presented his take on the latest Jimmy Savile report, which focuses on the failings on the Conservative government in the 1980s, with three mentions of "Thatcher". Thatch was to blame, it seems.

Curiously, however, there are no mentions whatsoever in Mark's piece of Savile's incredibly lenient employer of several decades, the BBC. The acronym "BBC" appears nowhere. 

Is that simply because "everyone knows" that Savile was a creature of the BBC? Or because Mark "forgot" to mention the fact? 

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  1. I guess he could take a pot shot at "the freewheeling attitude to sexual shenanigans in the sixties and seventies - this was, after all, the permissive era" ...

    Chances are, despite his penchant for a bit of sociology, he won't do.


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