Saturday 21 February 2015

And so it begins...

Talking about BBC Two's forthcoming Meet the Ukippers (as we were), here we go (inevitably),   fresh in, courtesy of the BBC News website.

It's exploded straight in at Number 3 on the BBC's news homepage...that's how big a story it is:
A councillor expelled by the UK Independence Party over what Nigel Farage described as "deeply racist comments" says she has no regrets.
Rozanne Duncan, who sits on Thanet District Council, was filmed making the comments as part of BBC documentary Meet the Ukippers, airing on Sunday.
The BBC documentary also features UKIP's Thanet South chairman Martyn Heale speaking about the media attention over his brief past membership of the National Front.
Meet the Ukippers is on BBC Two at 22:00 GMT on Sunday 22 February 

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