Saturday 21 February 2015

New Life of Brian

Fans and non-fans of Radio 4's Thought for the Day will have recognised a true master at work this morning in the ever-reliable Brian Draper, for whom everything turns out to be totally like Jesus (unless he disapproves of it - in which case it's not at all like Jesus).

Beginning with Oliver Sacks and his moving New York Times article about dying, written in the light of his terminal cancer, Brian recalled the film 'Awakenings'. This was based on an earlier memoir of Mr Sacks, and described how people were brought out of their catatonic state through a drug, thus (temporarily) offering them 'a new life'. 

That, inevitably, reminded Brian of Jesus, and the power of Jesus to 'awaken' people who are in a spiritual state of catatonia (agnostics and atheists).

Someone on Twitter described this as having "definitely won the prize for most blatant shoehorning of the year so far". (It's early days though.)

Oliver Sacks has previously described himself as "an old Jewish atheist", so I rather doubt that he would draw the same conclusions that Brian Draper drew.

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