Wednesday 25 February 2015

New Poll

Breaking News. 

New poll finds that  the BBC is out of Touch. 

Asked if the BBC is out of touch with the British public, 75% agree. 

75% of those questioned agree that they couldn’t care less about girls who run off to marry IS warriors.

But 25% replied ‘miaw’

The poll carried out between 8 am and 8:45 pm suggests that 100% of those questioned were not surprised at the results of this poll.

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  1. Still won't stop them devoting another precious ten minutes of news time to the "story".

    Was funny the way they affected surprise at how quickly and efficiently the young women could be spirited across the border.

    My sympathy is strictly with the kidnapped, raped and enslaved female victims of Islam - in Nigeria, Syria and elsewhere, about which we hear only the bare minimum from the BBC (Best Be Careful).


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