Monday 9 February 2015

Bias by omission

On the same theme (and as Sue mentions in the post above)...

The good folk at Biased BBC were (and remain) truly astonished that the BBC and Sky have (so far) failed to report the large anti-freedom of speech protests in London by the sort of Muslims who give Muslims a bad name, both on the News Channel and online. 

Sue confirms this too. And, doing a Google News search, so can I. 

All of us can see that most other UK new sites have covered the protests - the Independent, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Telegraph, RT, ITV News, the Mirror, Metro, etc.

So why did the BBC or Sky consciously choose not to cover it? What was it about this story, which shows British Muslims at their worst, that made the BBC and Sky flinch from reporting it (despite their claims to be major news organisations)? What could the reason be?


There's a lot of 'bias by omission' going on at the BBC at the moment as regards this kind of story, but deciding to ignore a large, gender-segregated Muslim protest in against free speech in London, complete with threatening banners, takes the BBC's 'institutional self-censorship' to a whole new level.

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  1. A puzzling omission indeed.

    One thing I haven't been able to determine was whether this was a legal demonstration in Whitehall. I suspect not. So I think that makes it MORE newsworthy.

    They weren't just expressing a view - they were making a very pointed point.

    Another point is that the petition presented was signed by some 100,000 people. Quite a significant figure for a petition.


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