Monday 23 February 2015

Just in case you were wondering...

We've not have a post about BBC Sydney correspondent Jon Donnison's ultra-biased tweets for a while. Here's his latest re-tweet (surprisingly not about how wrong Israel is about something or other). It's not as blatant as usual, but - given that he only ever re-tweets things that are unfavourable to the Tories or UKIP...:
Of course, he's only passing on some information, isn't he? There's no ulterior motive whatsoever, is there? (/sarc)


  1. Most Labour MPs are otherwise unemployable, surely.

  2. Just listen to yourselves! If Labour had the most MPs with second jobs would you be complaining they were biased in favour of the Tories?

    I genuinely don't understand you. As a Labour supporter I think the BBC gives Ed Miliband a harder time than David Cameron, but that's probably because I've got an ear out for anything unfavourable and filter out the more neutral and balanced stuff.

    There's a kind of paranoia on the right which I don't get at all - after all, most of the media supports the Tories, and compared to TV stations in the US it is a model of impartiality and balanced reporting, which is why the World Service is so valued and respected around the world.

    Find other things to obsess about!

    1. Anonymous, even though you won't be back to read this:

      The BBC presenters not named Andrew Neil are usually trying to help Ed Miliband get his agenda across to the public properly and hate it when Labour figures say wrong things during interviews. It's a problem for them when Miliband makes a gaffe because they fear it helps the Tories. They then proceed to nudge their guest in the right direction, rather than using Tory language to criticize the policies. When was the last time you heard a Beeboid tell Ed Balls that one of his policies was extreme?

      More of the public get their news from the BBC than by the rest of the media. The BBC is respected by people who live in third-world countries which don't have anything like the free and mature press of the West. Complain about the US all you want, but Fox News (what you meant) isn't the official state broadcaster. The BBC has a legacy and connection to the public psyche spanning generations, something which no network in the US could even dream of matching. It's especially problematic when one finds that this state broadcaster has misled, sometimes deliberately, and seriously misinformed friends and business acquaintances about one's country and countrymen.

  3. Anonymous, try watching France 24, CNN China or Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation if you want to see high quality unbiased reporting then compare it to the crap that the BBC "World Service" (wrongly named as it only covers small parts of the World ) spews out !


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