Monday 23 February 2015

I met the Ukippers

Well I sat through Meet the Ukippers last night but I didn’t really need to because it’s on YouTube.
Good grief. No wonder the BBC set out to ridicule them. They had to be ridiculed and someone had to do it.
I can only think of about five that have any credibility whatsoever. 

I’ll name them: Nigel Farage, Douglas Carswell, Mark Reckless and Suzanne Evans. I’ve never seen Suzanne Evans in action, but I’m willing to take other people’s word that she can talk the talk. There’s another woman who people like too. Diane James, is it? She was vaguely passable when I saw her once on QT, at a pinch.

There’s also Louise Bours. Hmm.

I actually quite like Nigel. He has the gift of the gab, and he doesn’t wriggle and squirm like the rest of them  - My God, did you hear Rifkind and Straw this morning? - but then Nigel has got nothing to lose at the moment. He doesn’t need to wriggle till he gets his Thanet seat.

Bloody hell. Those Ukippers. What are they like? That house - the doggie hotel - was surely the most cluttered  shambles of a house in the whole of Thanet. (I hope so.) It should have starred in one of those programmes where an obsessive compulsive gets to do their thing in the hell-hole belonging to a clutter collector and filth gatherer.

Interiors like that give you serious eye-ache. 

I thought the poor woman who had a phobic reaction to the ‘negro’ was hilarious. She trundled around on a mobility scooter, a councillor and dutiful citizen, hell-bent on smoking herself to a cinder. The scene where she was rolling fags with some sort of hand-operated fag-rolling machine, churning them out as fast as she could smoke them and still have some for later,  was bizarre. 
Her bewildered confession, that she didn’t like, but couldn’t fathom out why, negroid features was car-crash self-destruction in slow motion. 

It wasn’t racist in the accepted sense, but it was technically a race-related phobia, which of course is not quite the thing for a councillor. (other than a Jew-hating Muslim, when it’s par for the course)

People all over the country (in vox pops at any rate) are saying they’ll vote Ukip. What they’re saying is that they like Nigel, and they don’t like the way this country seems to have been given away to followers of Islam. 
The unprepossessing element of the Ukippers isn’t going to put them off, particularly whilst the BBC is grossing out over the three girls who’ve run away to the circus, and every time you turn on the TV someone in a hijab is staring back at you and saying it’s our fault.

I’m Islamophobic (and that‘s the way I like it) 


  1. It was very effective BBC propaganda and carefully crafted no doubt. These people weren't focussed on by accident and you get the feeling that the BBC threw a lot of money at the project.

    Why on earth UKIP agreed to it going ahead, I've no idea.

    They ended up with something like
    a cross between Psychoville and Trumpton.

    It rather confirms my view that UKIP is not the party we need - we need a populist party of the centre-left, which is convincingly non-racist and not seeking to "turn the clock back" but is ready to address the pressing issues of mass immigration, the growing pro-Sharia movement in this country, our relationship with the EU, and welfare dependency.

  2. The BBC and most of the MSM are playing into UKIPs hands. All the demonisation,vilification and mockery is unlikely to stop anyone voting UKIP and may actually garner some sympathy/underdog votes.
    What I object to is the BBC using tax payers' money for political propaganda purposes. In the interests of "balance" can we expect a demolition job by the BBC on the Greens ?

  3. Take a look at the polls - the steady drip, drip of propaganda is having its effect, as it will if there is an EU referendum.

  4. Such tosh! If the BBC did a such a programme about Labour just before the general election you'd be screaming that they were giving them an unfair advantage.

    But because it's UKIP and you're paranoid about the BBC you assume its a stitch up against them.

    All I can say is that if UKIP didn't think it was in their interests they wouldn't have done it.

    If they came across as badly as you say they did then that's hardly the BBC's fault.

  5. Interesting that Sue has now shown her true colours proudly proclaiming her islamaphobia.

    Is this website a proxy for some far right organisation?

    1. Or Mossad? Or aliens? Or the Loch Ness monster?

  6. Which part of Islam do you actually LIKE then. People are very quick to accuse others of being Islamophobic (without defining it) but rarely seem able to say what it is they like about it.

    Are you saying it is now a legal requirement to like all religions equally?

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