Friday 6 February 2015

Question Time

Last night’s Question Time. I felt duty bound to stay awake past my bedtime to keep an eye on it.
It was horrible. I could just leave it there.....

George Galloway got a taste of his own medicine, which was nice. The bully, bullied. 
Fancy George not knowing that the ‘Finchley’ audience wouldn’t be stuffed with his own supporters?
Well, I suppose the artificially weighted  audiences we are accustomed to on Q. T. led to a false sense of security. The unexpected absence of fellow Jew-bashers must have taken him by surprise.  It certainly was a surprise to me that on this occasion the BBC hadn’t ‘bussed in’ the lefties and far lefties as usual. 

A little harmless schadenfreude for once.  However it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as it might have been because of the apparent collective acquiescence to a presumption of Israel’s guilt.

The comments below some of the online press reviews attest to recent findings about negative, nay, hostile,  attitudes to Israel. The compliments about his eloquence are as obsequious as they are wrong-headed. That staccato, ‘defy me if you dare’ delivery is merely hectoring and bullying.


  1. Tramp-bearded possible Islamic convert (he won't say) Galloway
    referred to 2,000 Gazans killed in defensive actions.

    What does he call the thousands of deaths at the hands of his paymasters the Iranian Ayatollahs? See this from Wikipedia:

    "The pace of executions then accelerated, leading to at least 906 executions between January 1980 and June 1981....The mber who lost their lives will probably never be known with certainty. Amnesty International documented 2,946 executions in the 12 months following Bani-Sadr's impeachment. A list compiled the following year by the Mojahedin-e Khalq cited 7,746 persons who had lost their lives through executions, in street battles, or under torture in the short period from June 1981 to September 1983."

    Of course that's just the murders - no mention of the rapes through enforced temporary "marriages".

  2. I have not been able to face QT for some years now, being mindful of my blood pressure and beauty sleep.
    Somewhere on the BBC website, you can apply to be a member of the audience. The details you have to give make no secret of the BBC's bias.

  3. Guido has something interesting about this episode:

    There was no UKIP representative because the one who was invited called in sick. Maybe she chickened out, but it doesn't matter as UKIP had a substitute ready. So:

    UKIP offered Steven Woolfe as a replacement but Question Time decided they wanted a woman instead. Which at least saves Galloway from having to debate Woolfe, who is part-Jewish and pro-Israeli…

    The QT producers are biased, and it influences the way they made the panel. Period. What difference does it make whether the UKIP voice is male or female? Only to those who place a higher value on the content on one's genitalia than on character. Plus they were obviously trying to avoid a situation where Galloway would openly attack someone with Jewish blood because of Israel and make himself look bad in the view of some of the audience. So now we know that not only do they deliberately set up lynch mobs and invite people on specifically to attack another panelist (e.g. Brand - Farage), but they try to protect favored people as well.

    The Left-wing media's love affair with Galloway is sickening. And it's not just because he puts on a good show.

  4. Hmm. One of HP's commenters linked to this from the Jewish Chronicle. The QT producers (third-party company, can't blame the BBC directly, yeah) were trying to create good television by bringing Galloway in to provoke the Jews in the audience.

    I guess they thought two pro-Israel people on the panel would be too much for him, and just wanted the fireworks. Job done.

  5. Finchley? Didn't know that, stopped watching after 13th September 2001, the day BBC News and Current Affairs committed 'impartiality, gravitas, credibility and balance' suicide.

    Sort of like when they - at the last minute - relocated Nick Griffin's appearance to....Shepherd's Bush! (That was the episode a programme producer whispered to Dimbleby in the Green Room just before recording "No questions from white males." to which he nodded, and replied "OK").

  6. I still haven't watched this, but am afraid I will have to now that so many reports say that it was a lynch-mob set up against Galloway. It appears I was wrong about the QT producers not wanting to make it easier for Galloway. It's still wrong for them to deny UKIP a slot simply because of BBC-approved gender identity politics, though.

    I will probably need more alcohol than usual to stomach this episode of Question Time.


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