Friday 20 February 2015

Daily Express readers, read on: Supertide will cause 230mph winds across Britain. Millions will die.

Hmm. Following the fairly recent blowing-in of a 'weatherbomb' and, yet more recently still, amd an outburst of 'thundersnow', it appears - as per The Times - that we've now facing the onslaught of a 'supertide'. Yes, a 'supertide'. 

I'll have to watch the waves on the shoreline of Morecambe Bay this weekend - at a safe distance. of course. The 'waterthwack' as the 'waterhorses' whack against the 'tsunamiwall' (we used to call our 'sea wall', before it seemed a bit pedestrian to do so) should be something to behold. 


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