Thursday 19 February 2015

Keep calm and carry on

Laura Janner-Klausner

Rabbi Laura did a Thought For the Day this morning. She reiterated David Cesarani’s point, which was that we mustn’t waver in the face of terrorism.
We mustn’t exaggerate these fears, or make too much of the rise in antisemitism, but we must stand firm and not moderate our behaviour. That’s all well and good. Noble and principled. 
The Paris and Copenhagen terrorists did not only attack Jews. They have a long list of enemies, including journalists, cartoonists, filmmakers and members of other religions, including Muslims and Christians and pretty much anyone or any event that represents difference.

However Janner-Klausner and Cesarani have both taken it upon themselves to align themselves (on behalf of British Jews ) with Charlie Hebdo and all advocates of free speech. United we stand. But since the MSM media has chickened out of unanimously publishing the infamous cartoons, and since our government’s way of standing by the Jewish community amounts to a few guards outside a few synagogues and a bit more barbed wire round some Jewish schools, one has to ask how reassuring this all actually is?

If too many Jewish spokespersons focus primarily on one (anti-freedom of speech) motivating force behind the current spate of terror attacks and downplay the fiercely antisemitic incentive that drives Jihad, then it’s a bit too head-in-the sand for my liking.

Why do we have to have this pointlessly divisive rift?  What harm would it do the BBC’s pet Jews to face the facts? Are they afraid of alienating the left? They probably mean well, but although their attitude might help burnish the ‘Jews’’ tarnished (by the BBC) public image in the short term, I’m not so sure it will be helpful in the long term.

Oy vey.

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  1. The BBC is far more concerned about being perceived as Zionist and pro-Jew than about being seen as anti-Jewish. The reflexive anti-Israel stance of the vast majority of Beeboids doesn't help. As you well know, the BBC will dismiss any claims of anti-Israel bias as the misguided whining of those who hate even the slightest, gentlest criticism of Israel.

    They stand in solidarity with Palestinian rocketeers while boycotting a few Israeli products.


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