Saturday 7 February 2015

Friends re-united

Here's on open-and-shut case of demonstrable bias from a star BBC presenter. 

Jonathan Dimbleby made his usual appearance on PM yesterday plugging that evening's edition of Any Questions. As ever, he previewed some of the topics that might come up, including:
...and, who knows, the heir to the throne, yet again the subject of a frenzied media scramble for headlines...
...from which we can take it that JD thinks HRH Prince Charles has been hard-done-by ("yet again"..."subject to") and that he, JD, thinks the stories aren't worth the paper they're printed on ("a frenzied media scramble for headlines").

You might suspect from that that Jonathan Dimbleby is biased towards the Prince of Wales...and it wouldn't be unreasonable to suspect that given that JD is a well-known friend of Prince Charles.

Still if the chairman of a flagship BBC current affairs programme can't stick up for his chum on another flagship BBC current affairs programme by framing the debate in his favour then what's the world coming to!... I was only just saying to my African violets and begonias. ("We agree. We like Prince Charles too," they replied.)


  1. Diana - the People's Princess - said he would never be King. It is devoutly to be hoped that she is pulling strings upstairs to ensure her prophecy is fulfilled.

  2. I'm a monarchist, but one of the 'let's skip a generation' variety. William the Fifth next please.

  3. HRH is on Radio 2 this morning, according to the 'Sunday Times'. He's quoted as saying:

    "What... doesn’t bear thinking about is that, apart from everything else, people of one faith, you know, a believer, could kill another believer. That’s the totally bewildering aspect".

    Quite why he find it "totally bewildering" is totally bewildering. As someone wrote in the comments, "Poor old Charles. He really doesn't have a clue about anything. It's all simply, you know, frightful."


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